Strategic thinking - The value chain

The second step in connecting your strategic thinking with the innovation effort of your organisation. | Stefano Messori
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Programme description


This programme will introduce you to the value chain model, and will take you through the steps needed in starting and managing a value chain project within your organisation.

The course comprises:

1) hand-drawn fun videos that guide you through the process;

2) slides pinpointing the concepts and the steps taken in performing the analysis;

3) a fillable template (free or premium): a collaborative tool enabling you and your team to start a value chain analysis right now.

During the programme you will learn how to organise and manage a value chain project in your organisation.

The programme will also assist you in making the value chain analysis a continuous process within your organisation, explaining how to generate participation and commitment among your colleagues.

Ultimately this programme is another step in making strategic thinking a fun activity and an open exercise within your organisation and to connect it with your innovation effort.

What are the requirements?

  • You will need to download my 'value chain analysis template'. To view the documents you require a .pdf reader and Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet software.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • A free or premium (unlocked) template of the value chain.
  • Discover and understand how to organise and manage a value chain project within your organisation.
  • Tips on how to overcome the most common obstacles in the development of the value chain project.
  • Strengthen your ability to encourage interest and participation (amongst your colleagues) in strategic thinking, and connecting it with your innovation effort.
  • The value chain booklet - an invaluable companion of the videos.

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone willing to start a strategic thinking initiative within their organisation.
  • Entrepreneurs and start-ups seeking to understand how the activities they perform sustain their competitive advantage.
  • Business students and practitioners interested in understanding the organisational implications of performing a value chain project.
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Stefano Messori
Stefano Messori
Design strategist

Stefano’s aim is to facilitate a design thinking agenda in organisations pursuing a strategic innovation approach. Stefano collaborates with the management of medium sized and large organisations (on ad hoc projects) but also with start-ups, through online learning and group facilitation sessions.

In addition to promoting and facilitating the adoption of a design agenda within organisations, Stefano encourages managers to challenge their current understanding of their work and the mental models they have created to explain reality.

Stefano’s on-line courses invite participants to take part in a conversation about entrepreneurship and its purpose in society. The courses introduce the concepts of strategic thinking and design thinking.

Designing a learning environment inspiring participants to open up their minds and hearts is Stefano's ultimate goal and desire.

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